Production with Quality Control
     With the prerequisite that "JETS" and "GIANT" material handing equipment, storage system, every step of the production
process is carefully monitored and checked by qualified experts.
Each products model is ergonomic designed with the final user in mind. Only high-quatity technology and the late machines with experienced in material handing products
manufature together with new breakthroughs in the filed of production and quality control, SC. is capable of producing material handing products to the toughest
international levels including standards set by such respected organizations as the "Thai Industrial Standards nstitute of Thailand (TIS)" the results of the company's
continuous research and development of new designs has not only the "JETS" and "GIANT" brands famous in the world of aterial handing products, SC. Provided
comprehensive and efficient after-sales services to complete it's services to all customers.

SC. Offers

  • Initial Site Analysis
  • Initial Design and Quotation
  • Detailed Site Measurements
  • Final Design and Detailed CAD Drawing
On-Time and On-Budget Guaranteed
   When you choose SC, you get it all. from planing to installation.
from a company on the leading edge of the industry.